Sunday, September 3, 2017

Award Winners - Recognizing Success at AMBITION 2017

One of the great things about AMBITION is the opportunity to honor the many accomplishments of our amazing Consultants and their teams. This year was no exception, as we presented awards to those who have not only achieved great success, but have helped mentor and inspire others to do the same.

Thompson Leadership Award

EC Kirk Horan is known for a never-give-up attitude and a commitment to hard work as well as an infectious laugh and positive attitude. His commitment to building his business by following Ambit’s proven system has served as an example for countless others and he is always willing to help his fellow Consultants take their success to the next level. We are proud to honor Kirk as this year’s recipient of the Thompson Leadership Award. A member of the Millionaire Club, a Crystal Sphere winner and a Pure Energy Award honoree, EC Kirk Horan is a truly deserving recipient of the Thompson Leadership Award for 2017.

Co-Founder’s Impact Award

This year’s Co-Founder Impact Award-winner, EC Jeff Rollins, is an unstoppable force of nature with an impenetrable positive attitude. He’s known for always moving his business forward and constantly serving people, and for an undeniable passion that is contagious and inspiring. Already recognized with a Pure Energy Award, Jeff Rollins embodies the characteristics that define this award.

Ronnie Kirkland Perseverance Award

Between the two of them, ECs Ernie and Peggy Force have overcome health issues and business challenges that would have caused many to give up. And despite all this, they have remained cheerful, helpful and inspiring to others. Their business presentations draw standing-room-only crowds, and they love to share the Ambit opportunity and the success it has brought them. Still going strong, Ernie says his goal is to be the oldest NC in Ambit history. Previous winners of the Pure Energy Award, it’s only fitting that this energetic couple be honored with the Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award for 2017.

Crystal Sphere Award

ECs Rose and Kevin Duncan, said “no” to the Opportunity the first three times they were approached about the business. But on the fourth time they said “yes,” and immediately started building their business and creating opportunities for others. Now, they both refuse to take “no” for an answer. We are proud to have them as our Crystal Sphere honorees for 2017.

Horizon Award

What started as a chance to save $80 on his electric bill has grown into the opportunity of a lifetime for Executive Consultant Chad Crenshaw. More importantly, he’s turned that chance into an opportunity for others, creating an amazing team that truly regards each other as family. It is a great honor to name Chad Crenshaw as the first recipient of the Horizon Award, dedicated to a Consultant who looks beyond their current circumstances to a future of hope and prosperity, and is willing to sacrifice to make those dreams come true.

Pacesetter Award

This year’s Pacesetter Award winner never believed a home-based business was for him, but when EC Alan Johnston discovered the Ambit Opportunity he jumped in with both feet, bringing the same passion, energy and mentoring ability that served so well as a coach and teacher. Known for his belief that the personal benefits developed through Ambit are as important as the financial rewards, the “Coach” is indeed an apt nickname for this year’s Pacesetter Award winner.

Ambit Choice

The winner of this award is chosen by Consultants for exemplifying the Spirit of Ambit — demonstrating teamwork, a positive attitude, a commitment to excellence and a passion for service. Also taking home the prestigious Thompson Leadership Award, congratulations to your selection of this year’s Ambit Choice Award winner, EC Kirk Horan.

Number One Income Earner

We are proud to recognize National Consultant Brian McClure as the Number One Income Earner for 2017.

Pure Energy

The Field Development Team created the Pure Energy Award to honor Consultants who have gone above and beyond within their team and epitomized genuine passion — the pure energy that drives our business. This year’s recipients are:
  • ECs Clayton and Alva Bourges
  • EC Milton Burt, Jr.
  • ECs Joseph and Josephine Derby
  • ECs Alfredo and Mariana Duenas
  • EC Stacey Ellis
  • EC Dr. Mike Francis
  • ECs David and Cathy Lipinczyk
  • EC Laura Mohr
  • EC Carter Mook
  • EC Doug Parker
  • EC Miguel de Siqueira
  • ECs Brooke and Terry Thedford
  • SC Jessica MacVicar
  • SC Takeo Muramatsu
  • SC Mitsuo Nishihara

SC Dream Team

The SC Dream Team recognizes those Senior Consultants who have the energy, drive and work ethic to be the next great Ambit leaders. Nominated by our Executive and National Consultants, the winners were selected based on total votes and inspiring stories of teamwork and success. They are:
  • SC Brad Harper
  • SCs Ron and Amy D’Amico
  • SC Joann Perras
  • SCs John and Karen Richards
  • SCs Tom and Dorothy Wie


The number of Consultants achieving exceptional levels of success continues to grow. This year, Ambit welcomed five new members to the Millionaire Club:
  • ECs Jack and Adriana Adams
  • ECs Anita and Luigi Chiaravalle
  • ECs Dr. Ron and Janet Jenkins
  • ECs Elizabeth and Greg Korcyl
  • NC Michael Obay
Each year, our Ambit Consultant continue to impress by reaching new levels of success. This year, we added new members to the $10 Million Club:
  • NCs Chris and Debbie Atkinson
Even more impressive, our $20 Million Club added another member:
  • NC Steve Thompson
Finally, and most impressive of all, we had to add yet another level of recognition to our Millionaire Club, and welcome our first member to the $30 Million Club:
  • NC Brian McClure

Puerto Vallarta Five-Star

Our Five-Star Consultants are heading to the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from October 8-12. Our hardworking winners are:
  • SC Sophea Um
  • EC Milton Burt, Jr.
  • EC Christopher Cannon
  • EC Robert Chang
  • EC Jonathon Drew
  • ECs Rose and Kevin Duncan
  • ECs Debra and Patrick Gardner
  • EC Eliseo Trevino Hernandez
  • ECs Amber and Richard Hasset
  • EC Limei Kuo
  • EC Ahide Fernandez
  • EC Limei Kuo
  • EC Mathieu LaPalm
  • ECs Tony & Diana Procopio
  • EC Mathieu LaPalm
  • ECs Erica and Gibson Luuga
  • EC Iesha McDaniel
  • ECs Eva and William Palacios
  • EC Doug Parker
  • ECs Jordan and James Penny
  • EC Jacinto Rivera
  • EC Scott Schafer
  • ECs Tamara See and Maqsud Mir
  • ECs Tyvon and Angel White
  • NCs Joseph and Bobby Aymes
  • NCs Tim & Missy Ulinger
  • NCs Cesar & Sonia Baffoni
  • NCs Debbie and Chris Atkinson
  • NC Mark Guerra
  • NC Paul Jenkins
  • NC Ray Montie
  • NC Justin & Sherri Title

Ambit Cares Achievement Award

The Ambit Cares Achievement Award recognizes Consultants who stand out as true leaders in volunteerism. This year, the award was presented to RCs Scott and Pamela Gaylord. Scott and Pamela embody the giving spirit of Ambit Cares as they continually support those who struggle with hunger in their community.

Founding Consultant Pins

This year, Ambit recognized the contributions of our Founding Consultants in both the United States and Japan by awarding them with commemorative pins honoring their role in Ambit’s success.

EC/NC Rings

We unveiled our new Executive Consultant and National Consultant ring designs. Both will be available in men’s and women’s styles, the EC in sterling silver and the NC in pure gold.

Fast-Track Recognition

To Fast-Track, a Consultant must promote to RC in 30 days, SC in 60 days of RC promotion or EC in 18 months of EC promotion. Incredibly, at this year’s event we were able to recognize:
  • 176 Fast-Track Regional Consultants
  • 232 Fast-Track Senior Consultants
  • 132 Fast-Track Executive Consultants
The rapid success of these Consultants is a tribute to their hard work and their teams. We wish them even great success as they continue to promote.


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