First 48 Challange

Ambit Energy First 48 Challenge
Our Goal: Our goal is to work as a team and help every Ambit Energy consultant to get the best start possible. To do that we have to work with them to get their first of 6 JumpStart Bonuses and show them that they can do anything they put their mind to. 
Speed vs. Strategy

So, are you ready to join the first 48 and help your team do the same? 

Download First 48 Form!

What is the First 48 Challenge?
  1. Any new consultant that joins Ambit Energy that triggers JumpStart 1  in there first 48 hours will become apart of this exclusive club and receive a lapel pin and certificate?

  1. You must personally enroll three (3) customers/households(other states than TX) with a total of 5 Customer points in your first 48 hours in Ambit Energy. 
  2. You must complete the First 48 Club Enrollment Form with you consultant sign-up day and C# as will as the A# and enrollment date of the customers.


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