Saturday, June 10, 2017

Team, join our National Call this Sunday (06/11/17) to learn more about the new
Ambit promotion To promote sooner and how to leverage our proven processes how to do so!!  See the description on the new promotion below!!

New Ambit Promotion Reduces Delayed Promotions
On June 7 we implemented a new system that can help Consultants promote to Regional and Senior Consultants faster by counting the total organizational Customers for promotion.
Before this enhancement, many Consultants had to wait until downline Consultants became qualified by gathering enough Customers to trigger Jump Start. Now, as long as you get the required number of Consultants (either qualified or not yet qualified) and total Customer points within your organization, you can promote to RC or SC.
Here’s how it works (the new enhancement is in bold):
For RCs, the new promotion rule requires:
  • 5 personal Customers.
  • 2 personal Consultants.
  • 6 downline “qualified” Consultants OR 6 qualified or unqualified Consultants and 18 Customers within MC code.
For SCs, the new promotion rule requires:
  • Promotion to RC.
  • 10 personal Customers.
  • 2 personal Consultants in RC code.
  • 18 downline “qualified” Consultants OR 18 qualified or unqualified Consultants and 54 Customers within RC code.
We understand that as you build your team there are those who build faster than others. This new feature will recognize you for working with those who want to work. Nothing has changed about the basic requirements for promotion. We just added a feature that tracks your organizational Customer count.
We hope this clarifies any questions you have about the new system, and how it benefits you as a Consultant. Thanks again for your hard work.


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